How to Choose a Funeral Home

Choosing the right funeral home for your family and loved ones to memorialize the recent loss of someone close can be a difficult task, especially during a time of grief. You want to make sure to honor your loved one with a caring, thoughtful service provided by a compassionate and knowledgeable funeral home. We have pulled together some advice on how to choose a funeral home to help guide you.

Choosing the Right Funeral Home for You

The right funeral home for your desired services might be a different choice for someone else, so what should you think about when making your decision?

Consider factors like if the funeral home offers you the type of service you’d like and in the timeline you need. Are they able to meet the needs you have for any special services or other ways to honor your loved one? Are you able to visit the funeral home in-person to get a good feel for their staff and facility, and help you make an informed decision? 

How to Choose a Funeral Home

What Questions to Ask a Funeral Home

Deciding on the right funeral home can be overwhelming during this time of grief so we have a list of questions you can use to help make this choice easier. Some are obvious and simple, and others can be more difficult to address. Take your time and be thorough with your questions and concerns; the right funeral home will be patient and understanding.

  • Are you looking for a traditional burial or cremation? A funeral or cremation commemorative service is an important part of the healing process. You want to select a funeral home that offers options to honor or celebrate your loved one in whichever ways you choose.
  • Will the reception location hold your family and friends easily? Is catering an option and what is included for this space?
  • Are there special Veterans options and assistance with these honorable decisions? Can they help you with paperwork, documentation, and proper acknowledgment? Do they provide caring recognition to Veterans and their families?
  • What are the memorial service options? From a traditional service with a casket present to a cremation with ash scattering, can they help accommodate your wishes?  
  • Is the funeral home staff professional? You’re looking for a team that is deeply experienced and compassionate. Did the funeral home staff member take the time to help you? Did they answer your questions respectfully and with understanding? Do they offer grief counseling and a family advocacy service to guide your decisions following your loved one's passing?

What Makes a Good Funeral Home

While it will be hard to call around during a time that you're grieving a loved one's passing, finding a good funeral home shouldn’t add to your stress. Ask family and friends if they've had a positive experience at a local funeral home. Research online by visiting the websites of these local funeral homes. Call them as soon as you can so they can walk you through your list of questions in a timely manner and thoughtfully assist you.

Remember to discuss casket options or cremations urns, costs, and timelines. A good funeral home will guide you through the entire process and help your healing to begin. 

Providing Compassionate Funeral Services in Lancaster County, PA

When the time comes to make arrangements for your loved one, Sheetz Funeral Home is dedicated to providing choices you can be proud of. We are here to guide you graciously through all the aspects of the funeral details and specifics perfect for you and your family.

As a local family funeral home that has been devoted to the Mount Joy and Lancaster County community for many years, we hope you will turn to us in your time of need. And as a local, family-owned funeral home that has been devoted to the Mount Joy community since 1899, we hope you will turn to us in your time of need.

As licensed professionals, we offer funeralburial, and cremation servicesveterans' servicesgrief and healing supportfamily advocacy, and pre-planning services.

This is a difficult time, we want to make it as simple and comforting as possible. Take a moment to learn more about our facility, staff, location, and services. Reach out to us easily through our website or by phone with any questions and when you are ready to move forward. Turn to a highly regarded and well-informed local funeral home with your best interest in mind. You want someone that you can trust to help make a difficult process go more smoothly.

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