We are a full-service concierge for funeral, burial, and cremation services in Mount Joy, PA and the neighboring areas. Since 1899, Sheetz Funeral Home, Inc has served the families in the community with excellence and quality service. Our mission is focused on providing meaningful, and affordable services that are appropriate to your needs. Our dedicated and caring staff are always available to assist you in your most difficult time. Give us a call today at (717) 653-5441 for all your funeral, burial, and cremation needs.

Mount Joy, PA Funeral Home And Cremations

In the late 1800s, Alvin C. Sheetz was a carpenter and house builder. He was commissioned to begin making wooden caskets and the rest, as they say, is history. Within a few years, he found his passion and made a career out of funerary services. The origins of Sheetz Funeral Home, Inc. have expanded and grown to over a century of service and compassion that has been handed down through four generations of the family. At Sheetz Funeral Home, we are honored to be a preferred provider in the area for funeral home and cremation in Mount Joy, PA.

There are a lot of benefits to working with a family-owned and operated funeral home. For one thing, we are ALL about family. We know what truly matters, and we do all we can to support you and your loved ones through this challenging time of loss and pain. Second, being operated by the people who own the business is a huge perk to our clients. Decisions can be made in real-time and with the needs of real people in mind.

Choosing Services to Meet Your Needs for Funeral Home and Cremations in Mount Joy, PA

There are lots of funeral homes that consider their responsibilities to be caring for the final remains of the dead. While this is a very important part of what we do, it is far from all we do at Sheetz Funeral Home, Inc. The other portion of our commitment to you is seeing your emotional needs as surviving members of a grieving family or close friend network. We do this by helping you and your plan and hold any honoring services that will assist you in finding healing.

A widespread and effective solution for honoring services is the funeral. Funeral services could be more traditional or nontraditional. This depends on what you and your family are wanting. With many decades of service under our belt, we have supported all differing faith and lifestyle traditions to accommodate various funeral needs. With funerals, the deceased's body is present for the services until interment or cremation takes place. That usually happens at the latter part of full funeral services.

Cremation is the process of reducing the deceased remains into a collection of ashen particles. It is completed with a secure chamber and exposing the body to high heat. Choosing cremation services does not necessarily rule out the possibility of a funeral. After funeral services are complete, a cremation can be handled easily. The cremation is simply a means of caring for the body and preparing it for the final resting place. Cremation is not considered a final disposition because it does not constitute the actual resting place.

Pre-Arranging for the Needs of the Future

Pre-Planning, a process that allows for future funeral home and cremations in Mount Joy, PA, to be arranged at present, is a wonderful option. When someone has seen firsthand how arduous a task planning for final arrangements can be, they may decide to make a plan now. This will support their loved ones after their future death. There is no need to wait until death is looming due to a terminal illness or advancing age to designate these plans. Plans could be amended and altered in the coming years if desires change.

Making payment for these future needs is another option that could be completed now. There are laws that govern how these funds need to be held for future use to protect and secure your investment. Often the prepayment of services means there will be cost savings realized when the services are actually rendered. That is because you will be charged the prices that are advertised when you make the arrangements, not the future costs that apply when the arrangements are performed.

Available After Care and Other Resources

Because we care so deeply about the health and safety of our client families after a loss, we have gone to great lengths to secure resources and tools to help you. As a result, you can have support on your path to moving through and beyond devastating grief. Our own Dr. Virginia Simpson is a skilled counseling director at our facility. She has spent countless hours curating resources and making an interactive digital after-care program for our clients to use. Grief may not look just the same for any of us, but no one needs to feel alone as they walk that road.

Arrangements can Begin With a Single Phone Call

To begin making arrangements, or to ask a few more questions about funeral home and cremations in Mount Joy, PA, please feel free to call us at (717) 653-5441. We are Sheetz Funeral Home, Inc., located at 16 E Main St, Mount Joy, PA 17552.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

How do you honor a dearly departed?

  • Honoring someone who has passed away is difficult, but we can do this by following their final wishes. For example, if they wanted to be cremated and have all of the ashes scattered in one specific place, that should happen just as planned for them before death.

What do funeral services include?

  • Some funeral services include a wake and burial, while others combine the two. A typical service will often start with a viewing of the body in an open casket for up to one hour before it is time for people to pay their respects by saying goodbye.

What is a burial funeral?

  • A burial funeral is a ceremony in which the body of someone who has passed away is buried. A person can be put into an open coffin, closed casket, or cremated urn and then laid to rest next to their loved ones at a cemetery.