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Pre-planning - a choice only you can make...

Pre-planning has many benefits, the first of which is allowing you to make funeral arrangements exactly as you wan them.  Economically, pre-planning makes good sense.  It permits you to purchase your funeral at today's prices rather than burden your estate with the higher prices that future inflation will bring.  Emotionally, pre-planning relieves your loved ones of an enormous responsibility and makes a difficult time a little bit easier.  Finally, you preserve your legacy by putting your vision for the future in place.

What is a pre-arranged funeral?

Pre-arrangement is the process by which a family makes all or some of the decisions about casket and burial vault.  The funeral director keeps a record all of your wishes that will be needed at the time of death.  Highly beneficial, a pre-arranged funeral coupled with pre-financing works against inflation.  We will be honored to discuss these options with you. 

Personal Choice...

We encourage you to choose the type and cost of service you want, right down to the smallest detail.  We will assure you that your funeral will be consistent with your lifestyle and individual expectations.  Further, looking ahead by pre-planning enables you and your family to bring death out into open forum by sharing in the planning process.

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