After Care

What happens after the death of a loved one?

In addition, you may not have the experience to know exactly what needs to be done or how to do it. That is where we can help you. Joan Rutt has the experience to guide you through the many challenges you will encounter. She will be pleased to discuss your individual situations, and her aid will continue for as long as needed. Click Here to Send a Message to Joan

Joan assists families in:

•  applying for survivor benefits with the Social Security Administration: i.e. death, spousal and dependent child benefits

•  applying for military pension/benefits including contacting the U.S. Veterans

•  Administration for applicable benefits and providing appropriate forms to initiate claims

•  notifying employers, pension plans, credit unions and all things related to the deceased's

•  employment issues

•  filing insurance claims/transferring stock ownership associated with the demutualization process

•  notifying creditors including credit card companies

•  notifying the car insurance company

•  retrieving unclaimed properties from U.S. Department of Treasury

•  transferring vehicle titles

Medical Issues

•  notifying Medicare and Medicaid programs

•  notifying Pennsylvania Prescription Assistance or PACE, PACENET, or PACE Plus

•  Medicare agency

•  reviewing outstanding medical bills and payment of same

•  contacting supplemental medical insurers, long-term care insurance programs, and procuring refunds on premium as applicable

•  calling home health care services, including adult day care providers

•  connecting families with public and private grief and loss services

•  advising families for future medical care

•  returning handicapped parking tags to the state of Pennsylvania

•  notifying Pennsylvania food stamps provider

•  contacting American Association of Retired Persons and American Automobile Association

& More...

•  financial institution(s) regarding checking and savings accounts,

•  Individual Retirement Accounts, Certificates of Deposit, stocks and bonds

•  finding an attorney-at-law regarding necessary steps related to the estate

•  identifying an accountant/tax advisor

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